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Post  Admin on Mon Jan 05, 2009 7:08 pm

Due to the nature of this site, several topics may deal with information that may be sensitive, confidential, or for official use only. Please remember that this a public site, and with that mind, be aware of what you post. Please protect any and all information, and/or data that should be protected. Revealing private company data, posting official government communications other than Unclassified (public release), and other information that could be compromised should NOT be posted. If the site staff feels that a certain portion of information will compromise the capabilities of any government operation or undercut a company's private business practices, IT WILL BE REMOVED, and the poster will be personally notified as to the reason behind the removal.

Please remember that to post in the best interest of the country you represent. We thank you for you understanding in this matter.

-- SATCOM Forum Staff


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